Camotes Islands: Ultimate Islands

If you want to locate the Camotes Islands in the Philippine map, it is located in the southwest of Leyte Islands, north of Bohol Island and east of Cebu Island. The Camotes islands is 63 kilometers away from the shore of Cebu so it was considered as a part of Cebu City, Visayas, Philippines.

Camotes Islands is a group of islands in Camotes Sea. It is composed of three major islands and one islet. The three major islands are Ponson island, Poro Island and Pacija Island and the islet is called as Tulang Diot.

Camotes Islands is also called as “Lost Horizon in the South” since if you see the map, it is away from the larger neighboring islands.

The group of islands is cutely known as “sweet potatoes” which was named by the Spaniards who came in the island.

Camotes Islands is one of the best tourist spots in Visayas and blessed with unspoiled clear waters and beautiful beaches. Tourists going to Camotes Islands are gradually increasing because it’s reaching visitors and tourists through the words of mouth and social shares.

6 Popular Tourist Spots in Camotes Islands

1. Holy Crystal Cave

This is an amazing cave in Camotes Islands where the crystaline-like speleothems are growing and glowing. The rock formations will surely surprise you. There is a tour guide that will share important facts about the cave. The spelunking will be a great experience you will surely enjoy.

2. Mangodlong Beach

Mongodlong Beach is a small beach in Camotes Islands. It’s small but comforting with white sand mantled with crystal clear waters. This part of Camotes Islands is good for recreational activities or enjoying with your friends and family. Kayaks, Jet skis, boats are available for rent. With good environment, nice staffs, white sand beach, clean swimming pools, delicious food, this place is a good break from the stress of work.

3. Buho Rock

This is a spot in Camotes Islands that is so interesting for the one’s who really dares to jump off a 8 -10 meters drop into the sea. Buho Rock is an exiting place for courageous tourists and the view above it is also amazing.

4. Timbo Caves

Timbo Caves have clear waters which is also very cold. Spelunking will be great there are also lights so tourists won’t feel creepy going into the cave.

5. Bukilat Cave

Bukilat Cave - Tudela, Camotes Islands

dbgg1979 – flickr (embedded image)

Although many complained why this cave have been developed that sacrifices some big stalactites which are destroy to create a stair, this is still a great spot for tourists. The cave is being penetrated by the light passing into a small holes that gives beautiful scenes inside the cave.

6. Lake Danao

Lake Danao, Camotes Islands Cebu

noreen daypuyat – flickr (embedded image)

Lake Danao in Camotes Islands is a good spot for kayaking. Although swimming is not advised, the view is still good. This is also called as the “Lover’s Lake”, it’s peaceful and the scenery is somewhat romantic. There are also many birds flying above the lake.

Images of Camotes Islands:

Camotes Islands Santiago Bay Resort Sunrise

michael ocana – flickr (embedded image)

Camotes Islands Santiago Bay Resort Sunrise

michael ocana – flickr (embedded image)

Camotes Islands

caren torres-matutinao – flickr (embedded image)

Camotes Islands

vn malazarte – flickr (embedded image)

How to get to Camotes Islands:

To get to Camotes Islands, you have to go to Danao Port which is a 1 to 2 hours land travel from the city proper of Cebu.

From Danao Port, take a boat going to Consuelo Port in Camotes Islands. Jomalia Shipping Cooperation has 4 boats a day going to Consuelo Port. These are the times of departure – 5:30am, 08:30am, 12:00pm and 05:30pm. Going back to Danao Port will be at 5:30am, 09:00am, 02:00pm and 04:00pm. The fare is Php 200.00.

When you reach Consuelo Port in Camotes Islands, there are tricycles in the port which will take you to your desired destination.

Camotes Islands is a very exciting and amazing island with a lot of tourist spots. Include Camotes Islands in your list of trips here in the Philippines.

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