Limasawa Island: Historic Dive Site

Limasawa Island is a scuba diving and snorkeling tourist spot located in Southern Leyte, Philippines. Blessed with clear blue calm waters, Limasawa Island offers many beach activities with a lively and friendly community.

Although it is a small municipality, Limasawa Island will not lose to other popular tourist spot when it comes to beautiful beaches and underwater adventures.

Tourist Spots in Limasawa Island

1. National Shrine of the Philippine First Catholic Mass

The first ever Catholic Mass in the Philippines on the 31st day in the month March 1521 which was officiated by Father Pedro de Valderrama was held on Limasawa. This Shine is located in the hill of Magallanes.

2. First Cross Monument

Magellan ordered his crew to plant the wooden cross on the top of the hill on the same day after the First Mass.

3. Dakdak and Gamot Beaches

Dakdak Beach is located in Barangay Lugsongan while Gamot Beach is located in Caburihan. These are long white beaches you will enjoy swimming.

4. Caves in Barangay San Agustin and Magallanes

If you like spelunking, you can visit these caves but communicate with the locals. They are friendly though just be friendly too.

5. Fish Sanctuaries

If you are a fish lover, there are fish sanctuaries located in Baraggay San Agustin and Baraggay Lugsongan. Giant oyster/clam shells are can also be found in Baraggay San Agustin.

How to get to Limasawa Island

Maasim City is the gateway to Limasawa Island. From Tacloban City or Ormoc City, there are public vans going to Maasim City the fare rate could be from Php 180.00 – Php 250.00. That will be a long ride that will took you approximately 3 – 4 hours depending on the contingencies.

From Maasim City, you need to ride a multicab bound to Padre Burgos. Fare rate could be around Php 35.00.

From Padre Burgos to Limasawa Island, you need to ride a pump boat that will take 45 minutes before you reach the island. Fare is around Php 50.00.

Images of Limasawa Island

Limasawa Island

darryl prime – flickr

Limasawa Island

darryl prime – flickr

Limasawa Island

mjdigitalphotography – flickr

Limasawa Island

mjdigitalphotography – flickr


Limasawa Island got it’s name from an old legend in Leyte where a man lived in the island with 5 wives. In their language, it means “Limay Asawa” and as the years pass by the island popularly called as Limasawa.

WATCH: Whale Shark in Limasawa Island

A video was upload in Youtube by CG showing the beautiful underwater scene in Limasawa Island. In this video, they found a whale shark roaming around.


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