Chocolate Hills: Hundreds of Cute Hills

Chocolate Hills is a prime tourist spot in the Philippines. You will never see like this in the entire Philippines. Hills are so cute and there are hundreds of them.

Some may have interpreted it wrong. It’s not every day that the colors of the hills are brown. Some went to Chocolate Hills and are very excited not knowing Chocolate Hills will just look like chocolate during summer or dry season. It is because the hills and covered with grasses. It is only during summer that the grasses dry out and it will turn the hills brown like chocolates, so does the name derived from it.

chocolate hills

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Chocolate Hills are composed of around 1,776 cute hills. Although there are really exact count of it and I don’t know why they didn’t count it they just used the term “around 1, 776”. Hills vary in sides around 40 meters to 150 meters high. It has been considered as the “flagship tourist destination.” Meaning it is really the most popular tourist attraction in Bohol.

How to get to Chocolate Hills:

Chocolate Hills are located in Bohol Province. There are lots of tours in Bohol but if you want to go there yourself of with your friends or families, you can ride a bus from Tagbilaran in Dao bus terminal specifically. From the bus terminal you will ride a bus going to Carmen, there are guys who will tell you where to ride but always chose the first want to depart.

Among the hundreds of chocolate hills in Bohol there are two chosen hills for the purpose of development of resorts in it. So tourist could stay or relax there while enjoying the chocolate hills view. The one is in Carmen Bohol in Baranggay Buenos Aires and the other one is in Sagbayan popularly known as Sagbayan Peak.


Try renting some vehicles there to enjoy more of the view as far as you want so you don’t have to put much more effort on the uphill roads. It won’t cost much just a win-win both of you and the owner.


Did you know that “Tarsier” is the animal that tourist would love to see in Bohol? Sometimes called as “The Smallest Monkey on the World” but it’s not. It’s small but not the smallest.

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