Unbelievable Glowing in the Dark Tree in Bohol

Deep in the silent forest in Bohol, beside the river stands this majestic tree that is unbelievably glowing in the dark. You may call this unreal, but its super real! There is actually a growing in the dark tree in Bohol.

You can watch it, you can take pictures of it (flash is prohibited), but you can never go into it because you will disturb the tree and it won’t glow in one area anymore.

Unbelievable Glowing in the Dark Tree in Bohol


Just like in the movies, this destination is so magical.

The reason why this tree, the “Pagat-pat” tree is glowing is that, there are actually hundreds or thousand of fireflies flying around and resting in the leaves of the tree! Making the tree glow in the dark!

Although some fireflies can be noticed playing around, it is only in that tree most of them gather. If that tree dies, they will move on the other.

As most of the travelers say, what you will see when you are actually there is much more than what you saw on the pictures.

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If you visit here, it would be an unforgettable encounter with this glowing creatures that gather in one place. This is so rare. You should not miss this.

You can go in a Night Tour in Abatan River in the province of Maribojoc, Bohol and be amazed by the dancing lights by these group of fireflies. You will enjoy all these extraordinary sightseeing adventure while you are in a boat.

Abatan River


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