Top 10 Tourist Spots in Sagada

You may have already heard the word Sagada in Philippines and you are possibly curious about the Tourist Spots in Sagada. Before we talk about that just a brief description, Sagada is one of the Municipalities in Mountain Province, a 12 hours ride from Manila. It has a population of 11, 244 on 2010 and composed of 19 barangays. Sagada is also called as Mountain Province’s Pride.

Sagada has many tourist spots like rice terraces, caves, falls, rivers, mountains and more! The following are the Top 10 Tourist Spots in Sagada.

Top 10 Tourist Spots in Sagada

1. Hanging Coffins

Sagada - Hanging Coffins in Echo Valley

flickr | h_haenen

One of the reasons that made Sagada popular is its hanging coffins. This is quite unusual but it’s a tradition followed by the natives in Sagada. This is a tradition that not everyone is qualified for they have their own rules and specifications to be followed. Coffins are attached in the side of a cliff and believed that the higher the body, the closer to heaven.

2. Sagada Rice Terraces

Rice Terraces is one of the major tourist spots in Sagada. It is a magnificent architecture and design using stone. They carved big steps in the mountains with sustainable irrigation to plant their rice. It looks really like Banaue Rice Terraces although Rice Terraces in Sagada are bit smaller but they are really amazing especially at the top view.


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