10 Best Tourist Spots in Marinduque

Marinduque is an island province in the Philippines situated in Luzon’s MIMAROPA Region favored with beautiful tourist spots. Tourism Industry plays an important role in the province’s economy with its natural tourist attractions and famous Moriones Festival. The island, also dubbed as “The Heart of the Philippines“, is one of the best travel destination for island hopping, beach bumming, scuba diving and spelunking.

The province of Marinduque is situated in between Tayabas Bay and Sibuyan Sea. Over 230,000 total residents speak in Tagalog and English languages. The town of Boac is its capital municipality.

The Marinduque Island has a pretty laid-back environment with friendly and humble people recognized as one of the “Most Peaceful Province of the Philippines“. If you want to visit its beautiful places soon, check out the famous tourists spots in Marinduque listed below.

1. Maniwaya Island

Maniwaya Island

Photo courtesy of Daryl Dueñas

Maniwaya Island is one of the best tourist spots in Marinduque, an island famous for its long stretch of powdery white sand beach and turquoise waters teeming with marine life. The beach front is arrayed with cottages and lush coconut trees with a great view of the looming mountains of the mainland. Common things to do in the island includes kayaking, boating, paddle boarding and jet skiing. Tourists may also visit the nearby long stretch of white sandbar of Palad Sandbar and rock formations of Ungab Rock. There are resorts in the island visitors can stay and request a boat going to the nearby attractions.

Maniwaya Island is located in Sta Cruz, Marinduque.


2. Poctoy White Beach

Poctoy White Beach

Photo courtesy of Marinduque Philippines

Poctoy White Beach is considered as the most famous beach in the mainland of Marinduque facing Sibuyan Sea. The beach features over a kilometer long stretch of pure white sand, alluring deep turquoise waters, interesting seaside rock formations, lush of green vegetation, beautiful view of Mount Malindig and looming mountains as backdrop. Visitors may enjoy swimming, snorkeling, diving and wind surfing. There are plenty of beach front resorts in the area and cottages are also available for day visitors but camping is also allowed. In spite the fact that it’s a public beach, it is clean and lively worth visiting.

Poctoy White Beach is situated in Torrijos, Marinduque.


3. Tres Reyes Islands

Tres Reyes Islands

Rock Formations at Gaspar Island | Photo courtesy of Vern Ramos

Tres Reyes Islands is among the best tourist spots in Marinduque situated off the southwest coasts of the mainland. The name of the islands were derived from the Three Kings: Gaspar, Melchor and Baltazar Islands which comprises the Tres Reyes Islands. Gaspar Island is the biggest and only with a short stretch of white sand beach where cottages are available. Melchor Island is mostly covered with trees with steep cliffs while Baltazar Island is the most famous dive site teeming with beautiful corals and wide variety of marine life. Island hopping can be organized in the resorts on the mainland.

Tres Reyes Islands is located in Gasan, Marinduque.


4. Mongpong Island

Mongpong Island

Photo courtesy of Sir Keitz Calica Aquino

Among the islands surrounding Marinduque, Mongpong Island is the farthest but one of the most visited islands. It has a famous iconic rock formation called Ungab Rock perched on the eastern coasts. Ungab Rock is a beautiful arch bridge rock formation towering about 100 feet above the alluring crystal clear waters. The eastern part of the island has over a kilometer long stretch of white sand beach mixed with crushed corals while the northern part is one of the best dive sites in province. It is an inhabited island where the friendly and humble residents rely on farming and fishing.

Mongpong Island is situated in Santa Cruz, Marinduque.


5. Malbog Sulfur Spring

Malbog Sulfur Spring

Photo courtesy of MarinduqueNews

Malbog Sulfur Spring is one of the popular tourist spots in Marinduque situated at the foot of Mount Malindig which is the source of sulfur stream. Sulfur spring pools can be found inside the property which believed to have therapeutic benefits and natural healing properties. It is a relaxing place surrounded with green trees but as of the nature of sulfur, it has some unwanted smell that could stick for days. There is also a nearby resort named Marinduque Hot Spring Resort that also have hot spring pools, a perfect alternative for visitors who wants to avoid the unwanted smell of sulfur.

Malbog Sulfur Spring is located in Barangay Malbog, Buenavista, Marinduque.


6. Bathala Cave

Bathala Cave

Church Cave | Photo courtesy of Ricky Sager

Bathala Cave is a cave system on the jungle-clad mountain side of Marinduque comprises of 7 caves but only 4 are open for the general public namely: Church, Secret, Python and Cemetery Caves. Church Cave is the biggest cave with stalactites and stalagmites which resembles to the church’s interior. Python Cave is known for the pythons resting on the walls and hundreds of big bats at the ceilings. Cemetery Cave is where human bones can be found believed to be the remains of war soldiers. While Secret Cave features plenty of rock formations and unnoticeable exit hole, hence the name.

Bathala Cave is located in Santa Cruz, Marinduque.


7. Bagumbungan Cave

Bagumbungan Cave

Photo courtesy of Rodecelle Cruz

Bagumbungan Cave is one of the best tourist spots in Marinduque, a 1.9-kilometer long cave but it’s not fully explored. The cave is one of the best spelunking destination in the province along with Bathala Cave System. It features amazing stalactites and stalagmites, small waterfalls and diverse underworld creatures. The exciting caving adventure may require physical fitness which visitors may climb, duck, squeeze and nearly crawl with some slippery and steep trails. Visitors may also notice owls, shrimps, crabs, eels and catfishes inside. There are 2 routes available, either finish up to the exit or finish halfway.

Bagumbungan Cave is situated in Barangay San Isidro, Santa Cruz, Marinduque.


8. Boac Cathedral

Boac Cathedral

Photo courtesy of John Ray Pentiño

Baoc Catheral is an 18th century Roman Catholic Church and the oldest one in Marinduque. This church was built on 1792 with a Filipino-Hispanic Gothic Architectural Design where its well-preserved facade was made of rough terra cota and bell tower made of adobe stones. Our Lady of Immaculate Conception is the patron saint of the church and it’s town. It is a historical church where the Philippine Revolutionary Flag was blessed on 1899. Christian visitors will surely admire the grandeur of the church inside out and cast prayers.

Boac Cathedral is situated in Baoc, Marinduque.


9. Mount Malindig

Mount Malindig

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Non

Mount Malindig is one of the beautiful tourist spots in Marinduque, a potentially active volcano standing 1,157 meters above sea level. It is a popular mountain climbing destination of the province categorized as an easy to moderate climb. The mountain features grasslands, farmlands, mossy and closed canopy forests where different species of wild orchids and endemic wildlife can be found. The summit is mostly covered with verdant trees but along the trails, there are vantage points offering beautiful views of the coastlines, rolling mountains, Tres Reyes Islands, Elephant Island and a panorama encompassing Mindoro, Verde Island and Southern Luzon.

Mount Malindig falls under the jurisdiction of towns of Buenavista and Torrijos, Marinduque.


10. Beach Club Cagpo Resort

Beach Club Cagpo Resort

Photo courtesy of Oscar Araojo

Beach Club Cagpo Resort is the best destination in Marinduque for travelers or couples seeking peace and quite in a relaxing tropical island environment. Perched on the southeastern edge of the mainland, the boutique resort and restaurant has a 200-meter private white sand beach teeming with marine life perfect for swimming, snorkeling or simply relaxing under the shaded beach beds. It is dotted with palm trees and has a beautiful view of Mount Malindig. Their in-house restaurant serves both International and Filipino Cuisines. Spacious and clean rooms are of reasonable prices. The resort is in a fantastic location couples would love with staffs and owner commended for being very friendly and accommodating.

Beach Club Cagpo is situated in Barangay Cagpo, Torrijos, Marinduque.

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