10 Best Tourist Spots in Antique

Antique is one of the provinces in the Philippines famous for its mythical folk stories and unspoiled tourist spots. Perhaps, the “rumors” of the presence of these strange mythical creatures is one of the reasons why most of its tourist destinations are untouched and mostly unexplored. However, there are much known tourist spots in the province where its coastal areas on the west are blessed with white sand beaches, islands and sandbars. In addition, relaxation awaits in its cold springs, water falls, famous “Kawa Hot Bath” and more.

The province of Antique is a part of Western Visayas Region. Its entire west section is facing the Sulu Sea while on the eastern side are bordered by the provinces of Aklan, Capiz and Iloilo. More than 580,000 total residents of the province speak in Kinaray-a, Caluyanon, Tagalog and English Languages. The municipality of San Jose is its provincial capital.

The rumors might be hindering some tourists to visit Antique but the words of mouth on the natural beauty of the province is more convincing. Experience and see for yourself the popular tourist spots in Antique.

1. Malalison Island

1. Malalison Island Antique

Photo courtesy of imlns

Malalison Island, commonly called as Mararison Island by the locals, is one of the best tourist spots in Antique. It is a 55-hectare island of rolling hills covered with grasses, stretches of white sand and pebble beaches, and rock formations. On the beachfront, there is a lovely 100-meter shifting sandbar surrounded with clear blue waters teeming with marine life best for swimming and snorkeling. The most recommended thing to do on the island is trekking atop the rolling hills, they call it Lantawan. It offers 360° spectacular view of the entire island including the beaches, nearby Nablag Islet and looming mountains of the mainland.

Malalison Island is located in Culasi, Antique.

2. Seco Island

2. Seco Island

Photo courtesy of kit candelada

Seco Island is among the most beautiful islands of Antique and quite known in the entire county. It is a flat, elbow-shaped island which features a 1.5-kilometer stretch of white sand beach and a spectacular sandbar surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters. Aside from the trees and white sand, there’s nothing more on the island that makes it a perfect destinations for visitors who just want to relax at the beach or enjoy beach sports. It is also a popular kite surfing destination in the province wherein most kite surfers from Boracay go. The island is very remote which requires about 2 hours boat ride from the mainland.

Seco Island is situated in Tibiao, Antique.

3. Nogas Island

Nogas Island is one of the known tourist spots in Antique, a 24-hectare island covered with lush greenery. There is a white sand beach on the island good for swimming and several meters off it are good spots for snorkeling since the waters abound in corals and biodiversity. On the quest to explore the island, visitors may follow an established trail arrayed with kalachuchi trees towards the central part of the island where the towering lighthouse is standing.  Atop the lighthouse is a fascinating view of the island. Several steps away from the lighthouse is the notable 100-year old creepy Balete Tree. Sira-an Hot Spring is the major jump-off point to the island.

Nogas Island is situated in Anini-y, Antique.

4. Igpasungaw Falls

4. Igpasungaw Falls

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Igpasungaw Falls is a series of waterfalls tucked in the forested lands of Antique. Every level of cascade has its own catch basin which is good for swimming, cliff jumping and some waterfall sliding. Going atop the higher levels of the falls means crossing the river and following an unestablished trail. This is a great destination for adventure and thriller seekers since going to the falls itself requires 45-minute of ascending and descending trek through the farm and forest lands, mini waterfalls, bamboo bridges and crossing rivers. The falls is truly a crown jewel of the province and a promising destination for adventure.

Igpasungaw Falls is situated in Sebaste, Antique.

5. Malumpati Cold Spring

5. Malumpati Cold Spring Antique

Photo courtesy of G Cepi

Malumpati Cold Spring is one of the most visited tourist spots in Antique among locals and foreign tourists. It features an a very cold and refreshing developed pool along a calm river. The clear blue green freshwater of the spring pool with considerable depth is the best summer destination of the province perfect for swimming. Diving platforms are also installed to add more thrill to the visitors. Other things to do on the premises are zip lining, wall climbing and rappelling. Huts are available for rent and rooms for overnight stay.

Malumpati Cold Spring is located in Pandan, Antique.

6. Bugang River

6. Bugang River

Photo courtesy of jhona

The calm river flowing in the Malumpati Cold Spring is the reputable Bugang River, recognized as “The Cleanest Inland Body of Water” in the Philippines and have received several awards over the years. Aside from this, Bugang River is a famous destination for river tubing in Antique. Just 15-minute walk away from the premises of Malumpati Cold Spring is the main spring source of Bugang River which forms a very deep and enchanting blue-green lagoon but swimming is prohibited. Few steps below the lagoon marks the start of the Bugang River tubing adventure from a free-flowing of the river to the rushing rapids passing though towering trees and vegetation on the riversides. The adventure ends when Malumpati Cold Spring is reached back.

Bugang River is situated in Pandan, Antique.

7. Bugtong Bato Falls

7. Bugtong Bato Falls Antique

Photo courtesy of Evelio Barion

Bugtong Bato Falls is one of the hidden tourist spots in Antique, a 7-tier waterfalls tucked in the mountain side of the province. Out of 7 cascades, 3 are only accessible to the visitors. The first level is a majestic one with a wide basin good for swimming while the boulders on its sides serve as picnic grounds for the visitors. Going to the second level of the falls requires few minutes of trekking and climbing the steep staircase perched on the side of the cliff. The second one is a smaller falls. Exploring again the third level requires climbing an uneven staircase-like bedrock while holding a rope just beside the falls. The third level is more majestic good for swimming and cliff jumping. The falls is at its full glory during rainy season.

Bugtong Bato Falls is located in Tibiao, Antique.

8. Kayak Inn

8. Kayak Inn

Photo courtesy of Glenn Jushua Quijano, RMT

Kawa Hot Bath is the famous thing to do in the province of Antique, although there are resorts offering this kind of experience, Kayak Inn is the most recognized one. Kawa Hot Bath is a relaxing experience originated in Antique wherein a large kawa (pot) is filled with lukewarm water and added flowers, leaves and herbs while a firewood is lit underneath making the water warm enough for a person to soak. Kayak Inn is situated on a highland beside the Tibiao River with a great view of the jungle clad mountains and fields. Kawa Hot Bath is available for solo, couples or groups.

Kayak Inn is located in Tibiao, Antique.

9. Tibiao Fish Spa

9. Tibiao Fish Spa Tibiao Antique

Photo courtesy of Geryl Denette Jamero

Tibiao Fish Spa is one of the popular tourist spots in Antique for relaxation. The main attraction on the spa is the feet massage done by hundreds of Therafishes feasting on the dead skin cells on the feet of the visitors. Most visitors enjoy this tickling and relaxing experience especially with friends or families. Kawa Hot Bath as well as body massage are some of the most-availed services being offered at the spa. Overnight accommodations are available.

Tibiao Fish Spa is located in Tibiao, Antique.

10. Antique Rice Terraces

Antique Rice Terraces is a recently discovered cultural treasure in the province of Antique. Who would have thought that in a silent valley of the province lies the most preserved approximately 200-year old Rice Terraces sprawling on a 600-hectare agricultural lands built by the Iraynon Bukidnon indigenous group. A viewing area offers a breath-taking scenery of the rice terraces being irrigated by 2 waterfalls nearby and surrounded by the towering forest-clad mountains. It is a lovely valley but to get onsite requires conquering 5 mountains and crossing rivers on a roughly 5 hour challenging trek. Coordinate with the Antique Provincial Tourism Office if you want to visit this destination.

Antique Rice Terraces is situated in San Remigio, Antique.

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