Top 10 Tourist Spots in Catanduanes

Catanduanes is an island province in the Philippines lies off the east coasts of Luzon’s Bicol Region surrounded with astounding tourist spots. Coined as the “Happy Island“, tourists surely feel that way after exploring its trending places to visit. The major draws of tourism in the province are its highlands that offers breath-taking scenery, surfing destinations, pristine beaches, lagoons, islands and rock formations. It is considered as eco-tourism hub in Luzon with a laid-back environment that offers unspoiled natural attractions.

The province of Catanduanes is bordered by Philippine Sea (north and east), Lagonoy Gulf (south) and Maqueda Channel (west). The town of Virac is it’s capital municipality. Over 260,000 total residents of the province call themselves “Catandunganon” and speak in Bicolano, Filipino and English languages.

Though the province is frequented by typhoons all year round that why it’s dubbed as “The Island of Howling Winds“, the tourism office reported that the tourism industry keeps on growing and receiving positive feedback from its visitors. If you want to explore and experience the undeniable beautiful tourist spots in Catanduanes, check the list below.

Top 10 Tourist Spots in Catanduanes

1. Binurong Point

Binurong Point Catanduanes

Photo courtesy of emmalyn araojo

Binurong Point is one of the best tourist spots in Catanduanes, recognized as its most visited sightseeing destination. It is a highland composed of rolling green hills and steep rocky cliffs on the west coasts of the island province overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The breath-taking scenery at the top often compared by many visitors who have been to Batanes or Ireland to almost have the same look and feel. The extraordinary view leaves visitors in great awe and happiness worth remembering that’s why bring along a camera. The top can be reached though a 20-30 minutes trek from the jump-off point.

Binurong Point is located in Barangay Guinsaanan, Baras, Catanduanes.

2. Puraran Beach

Puraran Beach Catanduanes

Photo courtesy of Kim Angelo

Puraran Beach is a famous surfing destination in Catanduanes. The beach features a wide and considerable stretch of cream-colored sand, interesting rock formations and a serene background of jungle-covered rolling hills. It is situated on eastern edge of the island facing the Pacific Ocean that’s why it has strong and big waves perfect for surfing. The “Majestic Wave” is the name of its signature surfing wave and according to locals, waves can reach up to 6 feet especially during typhoon season. The humble beach resorts can provide surfing instructors to interested visitors who want to try surfing.

Puraran Beach is located in Barangay Puraran, Baras, Catanduanes.


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