Tourist Spots Finder Author Lester Moore LambacThe author of this blog is just a simple man living a simple life and an internet savvy. I am Lester Moore Ole Lambac, a Bachelor’s Degree holder in the field of Computer Science.

I blog, design, program, surf the web, go to church and stay online most of the time. I am really interested and curious how vast the internet world is and I love to be updated and entertained.

I like writing about tourist spots in the Philippines because many tourists will recognize Philippines as a beautiful country. This is also to help the Department of Tourism promote tourist spots in the country. Also, I really like amazing pictures of nature, that’s why you may find amazing pictures in my blog posts.

I hope you will enjoy reading my posts and visit Philippines. Thank you for dropping by. God bless you.

This blog has been up online since December 22, 2014 (at the very least that’s the date I can remember) and it’s about 5 years since then. A lot of things happened in life, but blogging and curating contents never left my mind.

I have now created additional few sites, some are related to my current work some are just to give helpful information. One of them is Pixels Converter, which is a simple converter. I am planning to build more since I am truly passionate about this. I’ll give more time to update here with my story and somehow inspire someone out there to pursue what they are passionate about.


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