10 Agnes and Xander Jokes That Will Make You Laugh – Kilig Moments

Forevermore is one of the best teleserye in the Philippines today. It has been announced that the series will be distributed in the different parts of the world. This really means that Forevermore is a sensational TV Series that captures the hearts of Filipinos and people of different languages around the globe.

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It’s “kilig” scenes are mostly taken in La Presa. But did you know that La Presa does not exist in the real world? Sitio La Presa is just another ordinary place in Benguet. But that was before. That was before when Forevermore goes viral every night in social media.

Today, La Presa is the newest tourist destination in Benguet. It’s real name is Sitio Pungayan in Tuba, Benguet. There are many locals and tourist going to the place everyday just to see their favorite stars like Agnes (Liza Soberano) and Xander (Enrique Gil) and take some pictures especially in Sitio La Presa’s signage.

There are lots of scenes that captured the hearts of the viewers. Filipinos called it “KILIG” moments and there are also many kilig moments associated with jokes.

The following are the KILIG MOMENTS- JOKES Agnes and Xander cracking with each other. Just a quick overview, this is one of the times when Xander and Agnes talk after 2 years that they have been apart. Agnes was hurt so much and she don’t want to talk to Xander but “things” happened and the boy got his moments from here.

10 Agnes and Xander Jokes That Will Make You Laugh


— Agnes —

1 puno

2 tore



— Xander —

3 guava

4 violet


— Agnes —
5 thighwan6 iran



— Xander —

7 ejeep

8 irock


 — Agnes —
9 potatoe chief10 mash potatoe


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This episode is one of the best kilig moments in Forevermore. But can who can’t remember the most heartbreaking moment in this TV Series? This is the episode that broke the heart of the viewers.

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“Sana pinatay mo na lang ako, ang sakit kasi.Ang sakit sakit.” – Xander #ForevermoreHugotNiXanderClick HD

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Did these episodes brings out your emotions? Share this on…. wait. Forevermore got another joke for this one.

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