Top 10 Caves in the Philippines

There are around hundreds of caves in the Philippines and some are not yet explored. The most popular cave in the Philippines is the Puerto Prinsesa Underground River but there are more interesting caves in the country.

Caves in the Philippines are popular for its own unique features like huge stalactites and stalagmites, home of thousand of bats, having a cathedral inside, and many more interesting features.

The following are the Top 10 Caves in the Philippines. You can visit some of them and be amazed by the beauty underground.

Top 10 Caves in the Philippines

1. Aglipay Caves

Aglipay Cave Quirino Stalactites

flickr | bendyok

Aglipay Caves are located in the Province of Quirino formed in Baraggay Villa Ventura. There is a total of 8 accessible caves in the Aglipay Caves. For only 25 Pesos that’s around 0.5 Dollars.

2. Calbiga Cave (Langun-Gobingob Caves)

Calbiga Cave Samar

flickr | philippbc

Langon-Gobingob Cave Descent

flickr | rico quimbo

Langon-Gobingob Cave

flickr | rico quimbo

If Puerto Prinsesa Underground River is the longest cave, Calbiga Cave is the largest cave in the Philippines. The cave is located in Western Samar. Calbliga Cave is 7 kilometers long and have an area of 900 square kilometers.


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