Top 10 Tourist Spots in Compostela Valley

7.¬†Haven’s Peak Highland Resort

Haven's Peak Highland Resort

Photo courtesy of ricfurman

Recommended by almost all of its visitors, Haven’s Peak Highland Resort is one of the best resorts in the province of Compostela Valley. It is strategically perched at the top of Tarago Hills overlooking the town of Maragusan, plains and looming mountains of the province. Visitors who are seeking to relax in a serene environment, breathing a refreshing mountain air, stay on comfortable rooms and enjoy the views, this is the best destination for you. Its facilities are enthusiastically designed to blend with its beautiful landscapes.

Haven’s Peak Highland Resort is located in Maragusan, Compostela Valley.

8. Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring

Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring Compostela Valley

Photo courtesy of wanderingmaria1

Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring is one of the most visited tourist spots in Compostela Valley, a favored destination especially among the locals nearby. This is a unique hot spring, usually, there would be a man-made pool where you can dip your body and feel the soothing effect of the hot/warm sulfuric waters. However, in this site, it is a hot spring as well as a waterfall at the same time. You may enjoy bathing in the steaming waterfall cascading down the huge boulders or dip into some natural pools.

Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring is situated in Barangay Mainit, Maco, Compostela Valley.


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