Top 10 Tourist Spots in Agusan del Sur

9. Agusan Capitol Complex

The 200-hectare Agusan Capitol Complex is the seat of provincial government where the contemporary-designed capitol building is located. The best time to visit here is in mid-June since this marks the week-long celebration of the Naliyagan Festival. You can witness the indigenous tribes showcase their cultural music, graceful dance performances and native products. Socio-cultural events are being held in this complex specifically in the Naligayen Cultural Center.

Agusan Capitol Complex is located in Barangay Patin-ay, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur.

10. Giant Toog Tree

Toog Tree Agusan del Sur

Photo courtesy of jamesrondal

The Giant Toog Tree is one of the iconic landmarks of Agusan del Sur. This is considered as the tallest tree in the Philippines standing about 65 meters high, 3.6 meters in diameter and estimated to be more than 300 years old. It is said that decades ago, woodcutters are unable to cut down the tree using axes and manual saws due to its thick trunks. Even a typhoon failed to bring this tree down. The tree is found roadside that makes it a perfect stop-over destination among motorcycle riders and curious visitors.

Giant Toog Tree is situated in Barangay Algeria, San Francisco, Agusan del Sur.

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