Top 10 Tourist Spots in Dinagat Islands

3. Isla Aga

3. Isla Aga Dinagat Islands

Photo courtesy of Kim

Isla Aga is one of the famous tourist spots in Dinagat Islands which is mainly composed of limestone rock formations with growing vegetation. Atop the limestone rocks of the island offers a beautiful view of the nearby islands and islets. There is an alluring small pocket of white sand beach on the island where visitors can enjoy swimming and a small hanging bridge. This secluded island is surrounded by crystal clear waters teeming with marine life.

Isla Aga is located in Basilisa, Dinagat Islands.

4. Pangabangan Island

4. Pangabangan Island

Photo courtesy of AkaDenz Dulguime

Pangabangan Island is one of the paradise islands in Dinagat covered with lush greens. It has a beautiful white sand beach fringed with coconut trees, huge limestone rocks scattered on the shore and clear waters suitable for swimming. The most astounding feature of this island is the wide tidal pool or blue lagoon that every good swimmer would be excited to swim and snorkel around. The tidal pool is being enclosed by island’s towering rock cliffs covered with trees.

Pangabangan Island is situated in Libjo, Dinagat Islands.


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