Top 10 Tourist Spots in Capiz

9. Ang Panublion Museum

9. Ang Panublion Museum Capiz

President Manuel Roxas’ Car | Photo courtesy of Gian Anthony

Ang Panublion Museum is a circular architecture which houses variety of cultural and historical displays about Capiz. It was built on 1910 as a water tank and later on converted into a whitewash city museum of what it is today. The displays inside the museum includes paintings, images, artifacts, tools, traditional clothes and even the car used by the late President Manuel Roxas. Paniblion is a Hiligaynon term which means guardian of the precious things.

Ang Panublion Museum is located in Roxas City, Capiz.

10. Panay Church

10. Panay Church

Photo courtesy of Mark Ceniza

Panay Church, also known as Santa Monica Parish Church, is the most prominent historical landmark in the province of Capiz. It is a neo-classical baroque church built 1884 made of coral blocks. It has a fascinating facade and artistic retablos inside with carved wooden designs. Beside the church is a 5-storey belfry which houses the Largest Bell of the County made from 70 sacks of coin gold and silver given by the people of the town. The sound of the bell can be heard 8 kilometers away. Atop the belfry, visitors would notice the scenic views of the town and nearby looming mountains.

Panay Church is situated in Panay, Capiz.

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