Top 10 Tourist Spots in Capiz

7. Malinamon Falls

7. Malinamon Falls Capiz

Photo courtesy of cristeena11

Malinamon Falls is one of the recently discovered tourist spots in Capiz. It is a scenic waterfall that cascades on a rocky riverbed down the plunge pool. The basin or the plunge pool is good for swimming for the physically fit visitors since in most occasions, the current is a bit strong. Although, most people choose to climb up at the topmost part of the falls and have some spots for waterfall massage. Climbing the rocky riverbed alone is a big challenge. The falls is inside the premises of Camp Peralto, a military cam and reservation in the town of Jaminda. For interested visitors, prior arrangements should be done through the Capiz Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office.

Malinamon Falls is located in Jaminda, Capiz.

8. Roxas City Plaza

8. Roxas City Plaza

Photo courtesy of Clement Hordista

The Roxas City Plaza is one of the most accessible tourist destination in Capiz where historical and prominent landmarks and structures are located. The Roxas City Bridge is an iconic landmark in the plaza built on 1910 which crosses Panay River. The Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral has a beautiful facade that draw crowds attention which was built on 1877. The Capiz Provincial Capitol Complex built on 1915 inspired by Spanish-Filipino architecture of the 19th century. The Roxas City Bandstand which is an octagonal pavilion with neoclassical style is another prominent structure of the plaza.

Roxas City Plaza is situated in Roxas City, Capiz.


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