Top 10 Tourist Spots in Capiz

5. Cadimahan River Tour

5. Cadimahan River Tour Capiz

Photo courtesy of Aileen Deocampo

Another popular destination in Capiz that offers a relaxing river cruise is the Cadimahan River Tour. Tourists may choose to have a river cruise down the Cadimahan River or stay on a stationary floating restaurant. Similar to the services offered in Palina Greenbelt Ecopark, sumptuous seafood dishes are also being offered in the floating restaurant and additional services such as foot spa and body massage. On a river cruise, enjoy the views of mangroves and beautiful flying birds such as mangrove blue catcher, egret, tern and black-winged stilt while local singers entertain you with Hiligaynon folksongs.

Cadimahan River Tour is located in Barangay Baybay, Roxas City, Capiz.

6. Suhot Cave and Spring

6. Suhot Cave and Spring

Photo courtesy of Karl

Suhot Cave and Spring is one of the famous tourist spots in Capiz which is a favored destination among the locals. Onsite are open huts facing the developed spring pool wherein the cold and natural spring are coming out from the rock on the cave. A stone throw away from the spring pool is the Suhot Cave. Not that much interesting stalactites and stalagmite formations but still worth exploring to have some adventure. A 15-minute trek from Suhot Cave and Spring is another cave called Lahab Cave. Visitors may enjoy dipping or swimming on the refreshing spring or go spelunking on the nearby caves.

Suhot Cave and Spring is situated in Barangay Dolores, Dumalag, Capiz.


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