Top 10 Tourist Spots in Camiguin

5. Katibawasan Falls

5. Katibawasan Falls Camiguin

Photo courtesy of Rona Leen Ortiz

Katibawasan Falls is of the most beautiful falls in Camiguin tucked at the foot of Mount Timpoong. It is a 250-meter high waterfall which cascades from a very steep cliff covered with wild ferns and greenery. At the base of the falls is a crystal clear, cold and refreshing partially man-made basin as well as scattered notable huge boulders. The falls is being enclosed and maintained by the local government. Visitors can conveniently reach this destination riding a “habal-habal” motorcycle on a paved road passing through forested lands of the province.

Katibawasan Falls is located in Mambajao, Camiguin.

6. Binangawan Falls

6. Binangawan Falls

Photo courtesy of marpalon

At the heart of Camiguin Island covered with thick forests lies the adventure trekking destination in the province, the Binangawan Falls. Sometimes people refer to it as the “Rainbow Falls“, due to the vapors from the gushing waters of the falls being exposed to sunlight, thus creating a rainbow. It is a surreal spot where waters cascades on a mossy cliff and the entire area is surrounded with greens, boulders and some singing birds. To reach the site, visitors may ride a “habal-habal” motorcycle to reach the entrance of the trail followed by less than an hour trek to the falls.

Binangawan Falls is situated in Sagay, Camiguin.


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