Top 10 Tourist Spots in Antique

7. Bugtong Bato Falls

7. Bugtong Bato Falls Antique

Photo courtesy of Evelio Barion

Bugtong Bato Falls is one of the hidden tourist spots in Antique, a 7-tier waterfalls tucked in the mountain side of the province. Out of 7 cascades, 3 are only accessible to the visitors. The first level is a majestic one with a wide basin good for swimming while the boulders on its sides serve as picnic grounds for the visitors. Going to the second level of the falls requires few minutes of trekking and climbing the steep staircase perched on the side of the cliff. The second one is a smaller falls. Exploring again the third level requires climbing an uneven staircase-like bedrock while holding a rope just beside the falls. The third level is more majestic good for swimming and cliff jumping. The falls is at its full glory during rainy season.

Bugtong Bato Falls is located in Tibiao, Antique.

8. Kayak Inn

8. Kayak Inn

Photo courtesy of Glenn Jushua Quijano, RMT

Kawa Hot Bath is the famous thing to do in the province of Antique, although there are resorts offering this kind of experience, Kayak Inn is the most recognized one. Kawa Hot Bath is a relaxing experience originated in Antique wherein a large kawa (pot) is filled with lukewarm water and added flowers, leaves and herbs while a firewood is lit underneath making the water warm enough for a person to soak. Kayak Inn is situated on a highland beside the Tibiao River with a great view of the jungle clad mountains and fields. Kawa Hot Bath is available for solo, couples or groups.

Kayak Inn is located in Tibiao, Antique.


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