Top 10 Tourist Spots in Antique

3. Nogas Island

Nogas Island is one of the known tourist spots in Antique, a 24-hectare island covered with lush greenery. There is a white sand beach on the island good for swimming and several meters off it are good spots for snorkeling since the waters abound in corals and biodiversity. On the quest to explore the island, visitors may follow an established trail arrayed with kalachuchi trees towards the central part of the island where the towering lighthouse is standing.  Atop the lighthouse is a fascinating view of the island. Several steps away from the lighthouse is the notable 100-year old creepy Balete Tree. Sira-an Hot Spring is the major jump-off point to the island.

Nogas Island is situated in Anini-y, Antique.

4. Igpasungaw Falls

4. Igpasungaw Falls

Photo courtesy of christysalido

Igpasungaw Falls is a series of waterfalls tucked in the forested lands of Antique. Every level of cascade has its own catch basin which is good for swimming, cliff jumping and some waterfall sliding. Going atop the higher levels of the falls means crossing the river and following an unestablished trail. This is a great destination for adventure and thriller seekers since going to the falls itself requires 45-minute of ascending and descending trek through the farm and forest lands, mini waterfalls, bamboo bridges and crossing rivers. The falls is truly a crown jewel of the province and a promising destination for adventure.

Igpasungaw Falls is situated in Sebaste, Antique.


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