Top 10 Tourist Spots in Samar

9. Pinipisakan Falls

Pinipisakan Falls

Photo courtesy of Miss Drupe

Tucked in the forest-clad mountains of Samar is a magical secret paradise called Pinipisakan Falls. It is a very beautiful 4-tier falls surrounded by green trees, wild ferns and mossy boulders which has a very different ambiance. Most of the visitors recognized it as one of the beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines. Though it is an awesome destinations, it is not known to many even the locals but only to the adventurous ones. The best things to do here are swimming, cliff jumping and river canyoning. Adventure starts in a motorcycle ride, long river cruise, then 2 hours trekking to reach the falls.

Pinipisakan Falls is located in Barangay Bai-ang, San Jorge, Samar.

10. Sulpan Cave

Sulpan Cave

Photo courtesy of Miss Drupe

Near Pinipisakan Falls is the Sulpan Cave which is one of the best caves in Samar. Among all of caves in the province, this one has the most beautiful entrance because there is a waterfall near the mouth of the cave which is an extraordinary sight to behold. Sulpan Cave is 5 kilometers long filled with interesting stalactite and stalagmite formations, underground river and lakes. The cave can be reach by minutes of ascend from Pinispisakan Falls that requires climbing the falls, river crossing and walking though the mossy rocks.

Sulpan Cave is situated in Barangay Bai-ang, San Jorge, Samar.

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