Top 10 Tourist Spots in Aklan

9. Nabas Wind Farm

9. Nabas Wind Farm Aklan

Photo courtesy of Dyan Salazar Patricio

Nabas Wind Farm is one of the remarkable tourist spots in Aklan. Lined up along a mountain ridge of the province are the strategically positioned 18 gigantic wind turbines that supplies clean and renewable energy to the Western Visayas grid. This site has been a frequented sightseeing destination that offers amazing scenery of the green mountains of Aklan and the vast ocean. The beautiful views and wind breeze surely captures the hearts of many visitors.

Nabas Wind Farm is located in Barangay Pawa, Malay, Aklan.

10. Hurom-Hurom Cold Spring

10. Hurom-Hurom Cold Spring

Photo courtesy of Divine Bernabe

Hurom-Hurom Cold Spring is considered as the best summer destination in the province of Aklan. It is the premier, biggest and most popular cold spring source in the province where the fresh waters are coming out of the rocks. It was developed into a cold spring resort privately owned by a family which later on became a favorite destination among local and foreign tourists. There is a wide cold spring pool everybody can enjoy swimming. The entire area is surrounded by lush greens and foliage.

Hurom-Hurom Cold Spring is situated in Nabas, Aklan.

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