Top 10 Tourist Spots in Aklan

7. Jawili Falls

7. Jawili Falls Aklan

Photo courtesy of Ram A. Martelino

Jawili Falls is one of the unique and most visited tourist spots in Aklan province. It is a 7-basin waterfalls that the freshwater cascades from one basin to another on a giant limestone staircase. Each falls has a plunge pool with considerable depth and width for swimming and cliff jumping. At the topmost part of the falls is a beautiful view of each basin, lovely trees on both sides and beautiful sky above. Concrete steps were built for the comfort of the visitors and cottages were constructed for picnics. Few meters away from the falls is the Jawili Beach which would be an ideal side trip destination.

Jawili Falls is located in Barangay Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan.

8. Tigayon Hill and Caves

8. Tigayon Hill and Caves

Photo courtesy of Naj

Tigayon Hill and Caves, also known as Bukid Tigayon, is believed to be once an enchanted place where fairies and supernatural beings dwell but due to the increase of people visiting the place, they have left. There are 2 caves on Tigayon Hill where the past diggings of the National Museum researchers yield to the discovery of a human bones and Chinese artifacts which was later on displayed on the museum located at the base of the hill. Following a concrete pathway and staircases, visitors would pass though a gigantic Balete Tree and at the topmost part are the Grotto of Virgin Mary, a chapel and a splendid view of Aklan River.

Tigayon Hill and Caves is situated in Barangay Tigayon, Kalibo, Aklan.


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