Top 10 Tourist Spots in Aklan

5. Bakhawan Eco Park

5. Bakhawan Eco Park Aklan

Photo courtesy of Hunter Janapon Torquido

Bakhawan Eco Park is one of the most popular tourist spots in Aklan and is a recommended destination for tourists who wants to leisurely immerse themselves with nature. This Eco Park is a 220-hectare mangrove forest recognized as the most successful mangrove reforestation project in the Philippines. It serves as a protection of the nearby community from the natural calamities such as floods and storm surges. To explore the area, there is a 1.3 kilometer wood-and-bamboo boardwalk built around the mangrove forest where visitors can follow from the entrance leading to the healthy mangroves, flying birds, bamboo bridge and a beautiful river. The end of the wooden trail is a rewarding view of a shallow lagoon, a sandbar and wide Sibuyan Sea.

Bakhawan Eco Park is located in Kalibo, Aklan.

6. Pagatpat Mangrove Park

6. Pagatpat Mangrove Park

Photo courtesy of Ree Dexter

Pagatpat Mangrove Park is a famed destination in Aklan for its serene and tranquil environment. It is a fish sanctuary and a mangrove forest facing the Sibuyan Sea. Similar to Bakawan Eco Park, the Pagatpat Mangrove Park also has connecting bamboo trail where tourist can walk along and explore the area. Visitors can unwind at one of the several kiosks and enjoy the serene ambiance of the park. There is a function room in the park that would be ideal for meetings, retreats and special gatherings. Sunset is best viewed here.

Pagatpat Mangrove Park is situated in Barangay Panilongan, Buruanga, Aklan.


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