Top 10 Tourist Spots in Eastern Samar

7. Ban-awan Falls

Ban-awan Falls

Photo courtesy of Jher Ignacio

Tucked in the jungle-clad part of the mainland of Eastern Samar is the highest and most majestic waterfalls in the entire province, the Ban-awan Falls. The waterfall is a surreal sight to behold as it strongly falls below from a very steep cliff while the area is surrounded with lush greens. It is one of the main sources of water system in the municipality of Lawaan along with the Amandaraga Falls. Going here though requires physical fitness since visitors would be following a challenging trail leading to the falls.

Ban-awan Falls is located in Lawaan, Eastern Samar.

8. Amandaraga Falls

Amandaraga Falls

Photo courtesy of Tor

Amandaraga Falls is another beautiful falls 30-minute trek away from Ban-awan Falls. It is not as majestic as the previous one but it is more suitable for swimming and picnicking. It has a wide and refreshing plunge pool with short boulders along the bank that serves as resting areas for visitors. Exploring the highlands near the falls would be rewarded with astounding views of the falls, mountains and wide forested lands. The falls also serves as a hydro-electric power source of the municipality of Lawaan.

Amandaraga Falls is situated in Lawaan, Eastern Samar.


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