Top 10 Tourist Spots in Eastern Samar

3. Pearl Island

Pearl Island

Pearl Island before Yolanda | Photo courtesy of Martin Schaublin

Kantican Island, more recognized as Pearl Island, is one of the popular tourist spots in Eastern Samar. Obvious in its name, Pearl Island is a small island but famous for the surrounding area being a pearl farm. The surrounding seas in this site is teeming with marine life such as giant clams, lobsters, abalones and different types of fishes and corals.

Pearl Island is located in Guian, Eastern Samar.

4. Homonhon Island

Homonhon Island

Photo courtesy of Chengai

Homonhon Island is a 20-kilometer long island decorated with both history and virgin coastlines. This is the island where Ferdinand Magellan first set foot in the Philippines on 16th of March 1521 on his quest to circumnavigate the globe, which the expedition was later on recognized as the first circumnavigation of the earth. Moreover, Homonhon Island is a an example of a tropical paradise with beautiful kilometers long stretch of white sand beaches perfect for swimming and boating but not too far since the waves can be ferocious.

Homonhon Island is situated in Guian, Eastern Samar.


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