Top 10 Tourist Spots in Northern Samar

7. Capul Church

Capul Church

Photo courtesy of Engel Cendaña Estillero

San Ignacio de Loyola Parish Church commonly known as Capul Church is one of the popular tourist spots in Northern Samar located in Capul Island. The 400-year old Roman Catholic Church is another historical landmark of the province built on 1596 dedicated to Saint Ignatius of Loyola. It is a Spanish fortress church which was also built to protect the town from Moro pirates on the late 1600’s. Because of the Moro attacks, the church was reconstructed 2 times with walls and a 36-foot bell tower on its left side. Few years ago, it was declared as National Cultural Treasure.

Capul Church is located in Capul, Northern Samar.

8. Laoang Church

Laoang Church

Photo courtesy of Janald Adora

Another historical church in Northern Samar is the Saint Michael the Archangel Parish Church commonly known as Laoang Church situated at the heart of the town. It was established by the Franciscan friars on 18th century who passed the strong Catholicism to the town’s local residents. The church has an interesting old-looking facade with the statues of Saint Michael the Archangel, Virgin Mary, Saint Paul and Saint Peter were installed on the its niches. The Almuraya Fortress Ruins and Muralla (wall) that can be found onsite are used to defend rear of the church from Moro pirates.

Laoang Church is situated in Laoang, Northern Samar.


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