Top 10 Tourist Spots in Masbate

7. Pawa Mangrove Park

Pawa Mangrove Park

Photo courtesy of City Government of Masbate

Pawa Mangrove Park is one of the known tourist spots in Masbate featuring a 300-hectare of Mangrove Plantation and a 1.3-kilometer long wooden bridge with sidewalk wooden kiosks spanning a body of seawater. This is an ideal destination for nature lovers as well as birdwatchers especially during low tide when wild birds are feeding on mudflats. Due to the course of time and typhoons, some parts of the boardwalk was already destroyed and in bad shape. Hope the government can bring this place back to its former glory.

Pawa Mangrove Park is located in Masbate City, Masbate.

8. Catandayagan Falls

Catandayagan Falls

Photo courtesy of Paul Pacheco

Catandayagan Falls is a phenomenal waterfalls in Masbate which is one of the island hopping destinations in Ticao Island. The waterfall is perched on the western side of Tical Island which is a very rare sight to behold wherein the water from the top of a steep cliff cascades directly into the sea about 60 feet high. It is possible to go near the falls and swim in its refreshing waters with the local tour guide’s permission. During summer, expect small volume of cascading waters but during rainy seasons, it’s at its full glory. The waterfalls can be reached via 1 hour boat ride from Masbate City.

Catandayagan Falls is situated in Monreal, Ticao Island, Masbate.


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