Top 10 Tourist Spots in Sorsogon

7. Tikling Island

Tikling Island

Photo courtesy of Sir Joe

Tikling Island is one of the famous tourist spots in Sorsogon, a private island but the owners allowed visitors on a day tour. The island has a beautiful creamy white sand beach with turquoise calm waters and shores arrayed with trees. There are no cottages or resorts but a hospitable caretaker and his family is present on the island. The other side of the island are decorated with Instagram-worthy rock formations. This is one of the 3 island hopping destinations in Sorsogon along with Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary and Subic Beach. The tour are arranged at the Tourism Office of Matnog.

Tikling Island is located in Matnog, Sorsogon.

8. Paguriran Island and Lagoon

Paguriran Island and Lagoon

Photo courtesy of Dani Nacion

Paguriran Island is a small island in Sorsogon composed of jagged limestone rocks with growing vegetation and a lagoon at its center. The water in the lagoon is just from ankle to waist deep on low tide but could reach neck deep on high tide. The site is good for swimming and cliff jumping. Climbing at top top of the limestone rocks, one would see a beautiful view of the lagoon, sea horizon, mainland and a glimpse of Mount Mayon (on a normal day). The island is just 100-meter away from the shores of the mainland and can be reach on foot in low tide but also manageable in high tide.

Paguriran Island and Lagoon is situated in Barangay Sawanga, Sorsogon City, Sorsogon.


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