Top 10 Tourist Spots in Romblon

7. Mount Guiting-Guiting

Mount Guiting-Guiting

Photo courtesy of Leó Emnace

Mount Guiting-Guiting is one of the popular tourist spots in Romblon rising 2,058+ meters above sea level in the middle of Sibuyan Island. The mountain is covered with thick forests and a home of numerous endemic flora and fauna. For mountaineers, it is one of the most difficult and challenging to climb among several other Philippine mountains. The climb features a rocky trail passing through steep and jagged ridges which few are named Knife Ridge, Kiss the Wall and Peak of Deception were said to be impassable when slippery. A guide and a 3-day itinerary is advised.

Mount Guiting-Guiting is located in Sibuyan Island, Romblon.

8. Saint Joseph Cathedral

Saint Joseph Cathedral

Photo courtesy of Elala

Saint Joseph Cathedral is considered as the most famous and oldest 15th century Roman Catholic Church in Romblon. The church was built by the Recollect Fathers between 1640’s and 1726’s with a magnificent architecture made of coral bricks and stones. Major reconstructions have been done with its facade made of marbles and bell tower on its side. It also has a beautiful interior showcasing crafts, religious paintings and art designs by talented local artisans. The Santo Niño de Romblon is the patron saint of the town whose feast day (Biniray Festival) is celebrated every 2nd week of January.

Saint Joseph Cathedral is situated in Poblacion, Romblon Island, Romblon.


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