Top 10 Tourist Spots in Marinduque

5. Malbog Sulfur Spring

Malbog Sulfur Spring

Photo courtesy of MarinduqueNews

Malbog Sulfur Spring is one of the popular tourist spots in Marinduque situated at the foot of Mount Malindig which is the source of sulfur stream. Sulfur spring pools can be found inside the property which believed to have therapeutic benefits and natural healing properties. It is a relaxing place surrounded with green trees but as of the nature of sulfur, it has some unwanted smell that could stick for days. There is also a nearby resort named Marinduque Hot Spring Resort that also have hot spring pools, a perfect alternative for visitors who wants to avoid the unwanted smell of sulfur.

Malbog Sulfur Spring is located in Barangay Malbog, Buenavista, Marinduque.

6. Bathala Cave

Bathala Cave

Church Cave | Photo courtesy of Ricky Sager

Bathala Cave is a cave system on the jungle-clad mountain side of Marinduque comprises of 7 caves but only 4 are open for the general public namely: Church, Secret, Python and Cemetery Caves. Church Cave is the biggest cave with stalactites and stalagmites which resembles to the church’s interior. Python Cave is known for the pythons resting on the walls and hundreds of big bats at the ceilings. Cemetery Cave is where human bones can be found believed to be the remains of war soldiers. While Secret Cave features plenty of rock formations and unnoticeable exit hole, hence the name.

Bathala Cave is located in Santa Cruz, Marinduque.


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