Top 10 Tourist Spots in Marinduque

3. Tres Reyes Islands

Tres Reyes Islands

Rock Formations at Gaspar Island | Photo courtesy of Vern Ramos

Tres Reyes Islands is among the best tourist spots in Marinduque situated off the southwest coasts of the mainland. The name of the islands were derived from the Three Kings: Gaspar, Melchor and Baltazar Islands which comprises the Tres Reyes Islands. Gaspar Island is the biggest and only with a short stretch of white sand beach where cottages are available. Melchor Island is mostly covered with trees with steep cliffs while Baltazar Island is the most famous dive site teeming with beautiful corals and wide variety of marine life. Island hopping can be organized in the resorts on the mainland.

Tres Reyes Islands is located in Gasan, Marinduque.

4. Mongpong Island

Mongpong Island

Photo courtesy of Sir Keitz Calica Aquino

Among the islands surrounding Marinduque, Mongpong Island is the farthest but one of the most visited islands. It has a famous iconic rock formation called Ungab Rock perched on the eastern coasts. Ungab Rock is a beautiful arch bridge rock formation towering about 100 feet above the alluring crystal clear waters. The eastern part of the island has over a kilometer long stretch of white sand beach mixed with crushed corals while the northern part is one of the best dive sites in province. It is an inhabited island where the friendly and humble residents rely on farming and fishing.

Mongpong Island is situated in Santa Cruz, Marinduque.


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