Top 10 Tourist Spots in Catanduanes

7. Maribina Falls

Maribina Falls

Photo courtesy of Joanne Atienza

Maribina Falls is one of the favorite tourist spots in Catanduanes among the local families and tourists. Of all the explored waterfalls in the province, this one is the most famous and most accessible where the local government made paved pathways and stairs leading to the falls. The 20-foot high waterfalls has a clean and refreshing plunge pool and rapids which extraordinarily lies on huge boulder. There are few cottages near the site but most picnickers make the boulders and high rocks nearby as picnic grounds. Visitors can enjoy swimming (a lifesaver would be nice) or do stone jumping down the plunge pool.

Maribina Falls is located in Bato, Catanduanes.

8. Saint John the Baptist Church

Saint John the Baptist Church Catanduanes

Photo courtesy of Edhel Detablan

Saint John the Baptist Church, commonly referred to as “Bato Church“, is one of the historical sites in Catanduanes. It is the oldest church in the province built on 1830 and was finished on 1883, it took 53 years to complete. This massive Roman Catholic Church whose patron saint is Saint John the Baptist was made out of mortars and coral limestone to withstand strong storms that yearly hit the province. The facade and walls are well-preserved though the inside was already renovated. It is a beautiful old church situated in a serene environment that visitors of the province should not miss.

Saint John the Baptist Church is located in Bato, Catanduanes.


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