Top 10 Tourist Spots in Catanduanes

5. Patag Island

Patag Island Catanduanes

Photo courtesy of Yoj Maliñana

Patag Island, also known as “Cagraray Island“, is one of the best tourist spots in Catanduanes. The island is composed of some white sand, a clear water lagoon, rock formations and massive flat boulders at its center with some growing plants. The island is prominently composed of flat boulders on different unorganized elevations and sizes. “Patag” in local dialect means “flat“, hence the name of the island was derived. Visitors can carefully climb near the rock cliffs for a panoramic view of the sea and mainland. Physically fit adventure seekers may enjoy swimming near the low rocks or do cliff jumping.

Patag Island is located in Barangay Cagraray, Bato Catanduanes.

6. Tuwad-Tuwadan Blue Lagoon

Tuwad Tuwadan Blue Lagoon

Photo courtesy of Tinadee

Tuwad-Tuwadan Blue Lagoon is a remarkable tourist destination of the province. It is a hidden blue lagoon interestingly situated on a jagged cliff down the sea surrounded with boulders and rock formations. The lagoon is about 12 feet deep and has blue-green color and clear waters that even the rocks at the bottom can be seen. Visitors can enjoy swimming or cliff jumping. To reach the site, visitors can comfortably aboard a fishing boat or trek adventure passing through rough roads, up and down the hills and challenging cliffs. “Tuwad-tuwadan” in local dialect means “stumble and fall” and it’s surely is.

Tuwad-Tuwadan Blue Lagoon is located in Barangay Balagñonan, Pandan, Catanduanes.


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