Top 10 Tourist Spots in Nueva Vizcaya

5. Mount Palali

Mount Palali Nueva Vizcaya

Mount Palali | Photo courtesy of Beautiful Kitkhat of Diary of an Outdoorgirl

Mount Palali is one of the most-visited tourist spots in Nueva Vizcaya standing 1,715+ meters above sea level. It is once a hunting grounds for the early settlers in the province. To conquer the mountain, one would pass though dense forest, boulders, cogon grassland. A huge boulder named Haring Bato (a halfway point landmark) is a vantage point offering scenic views the province: the Magat River, plains and looming mountains. Haring Bato offers more beautiful views than the summit since it is forested but there are some viewpoints around.

 Mount Palali is falls in the borders Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya and nearby Quezon province.

6. Mount Ugo

Sea of Clouds in Mount Ugo

Sea of Clouds in Mount Ugo | Photo courtesy of Dennis Balinhawang

Mount Ugo is also a favorite mountain climbing destination in the province of Nueva Vizcaya standing 2,150 meters above sea level. The main features of the mountains are its pine forest, highland villages and splendid view of Cordillera mountains. Mountain climbers can witness the beautiful sunrise and “sea of clouds” in the early morning. The mountain was discovered by the rescuers and mountaineers when an aircraft crashed on site few years back. One would pass though pine forest, mossy forest and steep ascent to reach the summit. Conquering the mountain is challenging and 2-day hike is recommended.

 Mount Ugo is falls in the borders of Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya.


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