Top 10 Tourist Spots in Nueva Vizcaya

3. Imugan Falls

Imugan Falls

Photo courtesy of Wana on Instagram

Imugan Falls is one of the famous tourist spots in Nueva Vizcaya, a 35-foot waterfalls in a dense forest surrounded by lush foliage. The rock formations along the bank serve as a picnic grounds for day visitors. The clean and cold basin of the falls is good for swimming since it is not so deep so visitors can enjoy more the cascading waters. A trail leading to the top of the falls was also made for adventure seekers to explore more. Going to the falls in not difficult since the local government have established a trail and erected bathroom and toilet near the area. One can reach the falls in approximately 30-minute hike from the jump-off point.

 Imugan Falls is located in Barangay Imugan, Santa Fe, Nueva Vizcaya.

4. Dumli-ing Falls

Dumli-ing Falls

Photo courtesy of Maan Villamor on Instagram

Dumli-ing Falls is a known waterfalls in Nueva Vizcaya, a 98-meters waterfalls making it the highest waterfalls in the province. The falls is enclosed by mossy cliffs and boulders surrounded with healthy plants. Locals believed that it was a dwelling place of spirit people few years back but were gone when a strong earthquake happened on 90’s. The falls is not yet recommended for family bonding or swimming since it still needs development by nature itself of by human interference. But for adventurers and environment enthusiasts, sightseeing and gazing at the grandeur of the falls are the best things to do.  One can reach the falls following an established trail in approximately 1-hour hike from the registration area.

 Dumli-ing Falls is located in Barangay Balete, Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya.


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