Top 10 Tourist Spots in Nueva Ecija

7. Dupinga River

Dupinga River

Dupinga River by Jan Joseph Aronce on Instagram

Dupinga River is one of the known tourist spots in Nueva Ecija, a favorite picnic grounds among the tourist and locals in the province. It is a wide and clean river bordered by the Sierra Madre mountain range on both sides. Nipa huts were lined up along the river bank where visitors would stay during the day. The cold and refreshing waters came all the way from the mountains which makes dipping or swimming into the river is worth a try. Huge rock boulders can also be found in the area where daring visitors do cliff diving. Families and barkadas can also enjoy singing in videoke or have some barbecue party. One can also notice the beautiful views of the river and the verdant green mountains.

 Dupinga River is located in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija.

8. Aloha Falls

Aloha Falls Aerial Shot

Aloha Falls Aerial Shot by Roy Cirera on Instagram

Aloha Falls is one of the popular waterfalls in Nueva Ecija though it is not frequented destination by day trippers because it is tucked in the remote part of the province. It is a beautiful 20-meter waterfalls surrounded with lush greenery and foliage. Huge boulders and rock formations are scattered along its bank. Swimming and cliff diving down the wide, cold and refreshing basin are the best things to do here but be warned that it is also deep. It is a picnic grove among adventure seekers where one have to pass though rocky and grassy terrains, boulders and small rivers. It is also a great side trip destination for mountain climbers traversing from Mount 387.

 Aloha Falls is located in Carranglan, Nueva Ecija.


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