Top 10 Tourist Spots in Camarines Norte

5. Colasi Falls

Colasi Falls

Photo courtesy of Bicol Deck on Instagram

Colasi Fall is one of the exciting tourist spots in Camarines Norte, a 70-foot tall waterfalls tucked in the forestland of the province. The majestic waterfalls is being surrounded by mossy cliffs with growing plants in it and lush of green foliage. It has a deep and wide basin good for swimming and the exciting thing to do is to ride a bamboo raft to go near the rushing cascading waters. Going to the falls requires approximately 2-hour hike from the jump-off point passing though the smooth, rocky and steep terrains, boulders, wooden stair and small streams.

 Colasi Falls is located in Barangay Colasi, Mercedes, Camarines Norte. Contact the Mercedes Tourism Office to arrange your planned visit.

6. Nacali Falls

Nacali Falls

Photo courtesy of Badaguas Fatima

Nacali Falls is one of the majestic falls tucked in the forested mountainside of the province. It is approximately 60-foot high with a very cold and clear catch basin. The area is surrounded with lots of trees and green foliage. The falls is truly a nature paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. The attempt to visit the falls alone is an exciting trip. One have to ride a zipline to reach the next mountain (or chose to hike but takes time), cross a hanging bridge and approximately 2-hour hike to get to the falls. A tour guide is recommended for the visitors not to get lost in the jungle.

 Nacali Falls is located in San Lorenzo Ruiz, Camarines Norte.


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