Top 10 Tourist Spots in Zambales

9. Subic Bay

Subic Bay - El Captain Shipwreck

Subic Bay – El Captain Shipwreck

Subic Bay is one of the best tourist spots in Zambales, a famous dive site not just in the province but also in the entire Philippines. The bay is a very famous historical wreck diving site, there are around 19 shipwrecks in the area and among them are USS New York, El Captain, San Quentin, Tank Landing Ship Wreck, Utility Landing Craft Wreck and more. There are also interesting reef sites in the bay like the Canyon Reef, Nabasa Reef and Runaway Reef and more.

Aside from its dive sites, the shores of Subic Bay are lined up with beach front resorts. It has white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that are favorite weekend destinations among the locals and foreign tourists in the province.

 Subic Bay is located in Olongapo and Subic, Zambales. If you are a beginner or technical wreck diver, this is the perfect place for you. Blue Rock Resort and Dive Centre and Camayan Beach Resort offers best dive experiences in Subic Bay.

10. Inflatable Island

Inflatable Island

Inflatable Island is the newest, most exciting and colorful tourist attraction in Zambales. It is the biggest floating playground in Asia and the first in the Philippines. It is a 3,400 square meters of inflatable fun, as big as 8 basketball courts packed together. The playground has giant Tarzan swing and slides, trampoline, human launcher, jungle bars and many more. There are also various floaters in the shore such as unicorns, dragons, clam shell and more. A Bali-inspired Lounge in the creamy grey-sand beach is very comfortable and colorful which is a great place to relax. Overall, this is the best place to bring your family or group of friends to have fun.

 Inflatable Island is located in Olongapo City, Zambales.

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