Top 10 Tourist Spots in Pangasinan

9. Lingayen Beach

Lingayen Beach Pangasinan

Lingayen Beach by mpadama1 on Instagram

Lingayen Beach is one of the known tourist spots in Pangasinan, a well-maintained public beach in the capital of the province. Lingayen Beach is a very wide and long stretch of fine grey sand beach that even visitors say it’s finer than Boracay. Picnic cottages and bath houses were 20 meters away from the shoreline which were installed by the government. This is a favorite place among the locals and tourists to go swimming, skim boarding or simply hanging out and relax. There are also resorts and restaurants near the beach.

 Lingayen Beach is located in Lingayen, Pangasinan.

10. Cabongaoan Beach

Cabongaoan Beach

Cabongaoan Beach by J. P. Leo Castillo on Flickr (embedded image)

Cabongaoan Beach is a hidden beach paradise in Pangasinan. Situated in the remote and off the beaten track of the province, it’s no wonder why it is quiet and less crowded unlike other beaches in Pangasinan. It has huge deposit and long stretch of creamy brownish sand with a combination of alluring green and blue clear waters and decorated with coconut trees. On the near end of the beach lies a so-called “Death Pool.” It is actually a rock hole along the rock formations in the shore. The waves that fills the hole creates a disturbance that comes with considerable water pressure and if you are caught in the middle and tossed on rough edges, maybe that’s what they called Death Pool. Decent accommodations are available in the beach but the beach is more of a camping site.

 Cabongaoan Beach is located in Burgos, Pangasinan.

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