Top 10 Tourist Spots in Rizal

7. Palo-Alto Falls

Palo Alto Falls Rizal

Palo Alto Falls by heyitshaela on Instagram

Palo-Alto Falls is becoming one of the known tourist spots in Rizal. It was once a secret gem located within a 200-hectare commercial and residential estate named Palo Alto Leisure and Residential Estates developed by Sta. Lucia Land, Inc. until it was open for public few years back. There is an established trail going to the falls from the entrance which includes 249 concrete steps. The falls drops around 60 meters down to the concrete pool with turquoise cold waters from the mountains surrounded with lots of trees and foliage. It is a well-maintained falls where cottages, picnic tables, grilling areas and more were made for the comfort of general public. Read Palo-Alto Falls Budget Guide.

 Palo-Alto Falls is located in Baras, Rizal.

8. Wawa Dam

Wawa Dam

Wawa Dam by Jm Calagos on Instagram

Wawa Dam is a favorite place among mountain bikers and day trippers in Rizal. It is one of the oldest dams in the Philippines and the only source of water for Manila until Angat Dam was built, it’s now an abandoned one. Today, it is one of the famous destination for locals and tourists to relax in the cottages below and above the dam. Some would love to go chilling below the cascading waters of the dam giving a back massage or go swimming above it and riding a bamboo raft. Huge boulders are also scattered in the river one can explore including the man-made falls. Other things to do is to go spelunking in Pamitinan Cave or go mountain climbing in Mount Pamilitan.

 Wawa Dam is located in Rodriguez, Rizal.


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