Top 10 Tourist Spots in Rizal

3. Casa Santa Museum

Casa Santa Museum

Casa Santa Museum from Jardin de Miramar

Casa Santa Museum is one of the famous tourist spots in Rizal featured in local television shows and publications even in international media. It houses around 3,700+ collections of Santa Claus themes and motifs from different countries and considered as one of the most extensive private collection of Santa Claus items in the world. Experience 365 days of Christmas at this museum where small figurines to life-sized Santas are everywhere to be found. Visitors are free to inspect the items and a few can be played with. Kids will surely love it here since in addition to thousand Santas, they also have a playground for them. Reservations are requested prior to visit.

 Casa Santa Museum is located in 276 San Jose Extension, Brgy. San Isidro, Antipolo, Rizal.

4. Pililla Wind Farm

Alternergy Pililla Wind Farm

Pililla Wind Farm is a one of the best sight-seeing destinations in Rizal. It is a multi-million dollar project by Alternergy Philippine Holdings Corporation. There are 27 astounding wind turbines scatted around the area of 4,515 hectares that could power up to 66,000+ households. It offers a beautiful scenery of the huge windmills situated on top of the hills overlooking the plains of Rizal and Laguna de Bay where the cool wind breeze from the mountains that touches your skin is surely refreshing. Most people visit here with their motorcycles or cars to relax and have a few snacks and drinks. Souvenirs are also available, make sure to buy one of the cute turbines.

 Pililla Wind Farm is located in Pililla, Rizal.


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