Top 10 Tourist Spots in Quezon Province

5. Borawan Beach

Borawan Beach

Borawan Beach by Mikey Dionora on Flickr

Borawan Beach is one of the famous tourist spots in Quezon Province, a favorite camping destination among the locals but there are also cottages for rent. It is a white sand beach but not so fine with clear sea waters good for swimming. There are also plenty of rock formations around the beach one can climb to have a panoramic view of the beach and nearby mountains. Locals claimed that the sand is like in Boracay and the cliffs are like in Palawan, hence the name Borawan is derived. Though, to lower your expectation, it’s a bit cheaper version of those popular destinations.

Borawan Beach is located in Pagbilao Chica Island in Padre Burgos, Quezon Province.

6. Dampalitan Island

Dampalitan Island Quezon

Dampalitan Island by Derrick James Abulencia on Flickr

Dampalitan Island is another most visited island camping destination in Quezon Province. It has a powdery white sand beach dotted with trees and cottages good for overnight stay. Though the beach is not really good for swimming, enjoy the ambiance of the place since pine trees are abundant giving a good shade to pitch a tent or hang a hammock and relax. Enjoy the warmth of the bonfire at night and have some good time with your families or friends.

Dampalitan Island is located in Padre Burgos, Quezon Province. Just around 15 minutes boat ride from Borawan Beach.


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