Top 10 Tourist Spots in Guimaras

7. Ave Maria Islet

Ave Maria Islet Guimaras

Ave Maria Islet by Maaya Legaspi on Instagram

One of the famous tourist spots in Guimaras is the Ave Maria Islet, a small island just near Turtle Island. It has pure white sand beach and alluring crystal clear waters for swimming and snorkeling. School of fishes can be sighted especially when snorkeling. One can also do cliff diving on the rocky side of the island. There is a long sandbar that will be visible during low tide. There are also many rock formations in the islet with lush of green vegetation. It is an uninhabited island and no great amenities but simple nipa huts near the rocks.

 Ave Maria Islet is located in Jordan, Guimaras.

8. Natago Beach

Natago Beach Guimaras

Natago Beach by Jo Bet on Flickr

Natago Beach Guimaras Philippines

Natago Beach by nuki2x on Flickr

Another hidden gem of Guimaras is the Natago Beach. It is a very amazing hidden beach in the province enclosed with huge limestones with very alluring crystal clear waters. One can swim under the suspended ends of the limestones to have some shade just be careful with the current. During low tide, a beautiful white sand on the shore will appear including a sandbar that connects the limetones borders on both ends.

 Natago Beach is located in Jordan, Guimaras.


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