Top 10 Tourist Spots in Guimaras

5. Alubihod Beach

Alubihod Beach Guimaras

Alubihod Beach by Ryan Sia on Flickr

Alubihod Beach is one of the most famous tourist spots in Guimaras, the most popular beach destination in the entire island. It is a public beach with a long stretch of somewhat fine creamy sand beach mixed with some red smooth pebbles. Though it is a public beach, it is clean and same goes with the sea water. This is a favorite destination among locals and tourists that flocks especially on holidays or summer. Perimeter floaters on the beach can be noticed preventing swimmers on going too far. Alubihod Beach is the jump-off point for island hopping activities in Guimaras

Alubihon Beach Resorts: Alobijod Cove | Raymen’s Beach Resort | California Beach Resort

Alubihod Beach is located in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras.

6. Turtle Island

Turtle on Turtle Island Guimaras

Turtle on Turtle Island by Dean Ignacio on Flickr

Turtle Island is one of the beautiful islands in Guimaras that should be included in your island hopping tour if you arrange it on Alubihod Beach. It is a famous sanctuary of sea turtles, hence the name. It has also a pristine beach with clear waters, though the sand is not that fine. It is an inhabited island where the caretaker/s will approach you for registration when you dock in the island and a small fee is collected for the maintenance of the island. More turtles can be found in Lawi Marine Turtle Rescue Center.

 Turtle Island is located in Jordan, Guimaras.


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