Top 10 Tourist Spots in Siquijor

7. Old Balete Tree

Old Balete Tree Siquijor

Old Balete Tree by Juan Dela Cruz on Flickr

The 400-500 Years Old Balete Tree is one of the most visited tourist spots in Siquijor. It is a very huge tree where many locals believed that it is where sorcery rituals are perform and spirits dwell but you can set that aside and appreciate the grandeur of this strong old tree. At its base, one can find a man-made spring pool and this is one of the reasons while the old tree is still lively. Submerge your feet into the spring and many small fishes will gather that will give you a quick spa.

 Old Balete Tree is located in Lazi, Siquijor.

8. Lugnason Falls

Lugnason Falls Siquijor

Lugnason Falls by Sabel Roma on Instagram

Lugnason Falls is a small falls where its waters cascade from a limestone cliff that plunges into a basin of cold and refreshing waters. Nature lovers will surely love to spend more time here given the relaxing ambiance of the location. The basin is good enough for swimming or one can jump from a cliff into the basin.

 Lugnason Falls is located in Barangay Napo, San Juan, Siquijor.


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