Top 10 Tourist Spots in Siquijor

3. Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls Siquijor

Cambugahay Falls by Dave Sañez on Instagram

Cambugahay Falls is one of the most popular tourist spots in Siquijor. It takes more than a hundred of steps from the entrance to reach this small paradise in the province. It’s a multi-layered falls with refreshing waters and a wide basin. Swing on a vine and let go of it as you are approaching near the basin of the falls, that’s the most fun thing to do. One can also just jump on a natural jumping platform. You can also find a nice spot for a waterfalls massage or enjoy swimming with families or friends.

 Cambugahay Falls is located in Barangay Kinamandagan, Lazi, Siquijor.

4. Capilay Spring Park

Capilay Spring Park Siquijor

Capilay Spring Park by hungryintrovert on Instagram

Capilay Spring Park is probably the most popular park among the residents of Siquijor. It has a long spring pool located at the center of the park where residents love to plunge especially during summer. Beside the pool are the benches and trees that gives good shade from the blazing sun. Tourists may just visit the place to have some brief sights of the park but residents do love to go here and stroll in the afternoon.

 Capilay Spring Park is located in San Juan, Siquijor.


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