Top 10 Tourist Spots in Negros Oriental

7. Mount Talinis

Mount Talinis Negros Oriental

Mount Talinis by Deo Dax Cordova on Flickr

Mount Talinis is one of the known tourist spots in Negros Oriental which is a favorite destination among mountain climbers in the province and in the nearby islands. It is standing 1,903 meters above sea level that makes it the second highest mountain in the province. It is also called by the name Cuerno de Negros because the peaks look like horns. A popular route in climbing the mountain is a traverse from Barangay Bendiao, Daun to Barangay Apolong, Valencia City. The average duration of the climb is 2-3 days where one can see lakes, lagoon and waterfalls along the journey.

 Mount Talinis is situated in Dauin and Valencia City, Negros Oriental.

8. Mount Kanlaon

Mount Kanlaon

Mount Kanlaon | Photo by Maximus Jovi

Mount Kanlaon is the highest active stratovolcano in Negros Oriental, and on the entire Negros Island with an elevation of 2,465 meters above sea level. It is one of the best destination among experienced mountain climbers but climbing this mountain is no joke, a mere fact that it is one of the most active volcano in the Philippines adds up the danger involved. Daring ones will surely be thrilled in climbing and reaching the peak where the active crater can be found. Mount Kanlaon is dotted with craters and hotsprings. Following the Wasay trail, the most popular trail, the climb would normally takes 2 days before reaching the peak.

 Mount Kanlaon is located in Canlaon City, Negros Oriental.


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