Top 10 Tourist Spots in Biliran

7. Ulan-Ulan Falls

Ulan-Ulan Falls Biliran

Ulan-Ulan Falls | Photo souce: Biliran Tourism Website

Ulan-Ulan Falls is one of the most visited tourist spots in Biliran, tucked in the forests of the mountainous province. There are many waterfalls Biliran and Ulan-Ulan falls is one of the four popular ones. The cascading waters creates a mist or sprinkled waters similar to a rain. The word “ulan” in the local language means “rain“, hence the name. The magnificent falls is surrounded with lush of green vegetation and the basin has enough wide and depth for a swim. It would take 30-minute hike to reach the falls.

 Ulan-Ulan Falls is located in Barangay Sampao, Almeria, Biliran.

8. Recoletos Falls

Recoletos Falls Biliran

Recoletos Falls by Sandy Wadingan on Instagram

Just another 10-minute hike from Ulan-Ulan Falls is the Recoletos Falls. The cascading waters is not as high as the adjacent falls nor as magnificent as it looks but it has its own beauty. It has a wide and deep basin perfect for swimming and cliff jumping. The basin is enclosed with big and flat rocks where visitors love to have picnics. The trees around makes a good shade from the heat of the sun. The falls is at its natural state, untouched by human developments making it one of the best natural tourist spots in the province.

Recoletos Falls is located in Barangay Sampao, Almeria, Biliran.


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