Top 10 Tourist Spots in Biliran

3. Maripipi Island

Maripipi Island

Maripipi Island by Meika Yutiu on Flickr

Maripipi Island also called as “The Isle of Gems” is one of the famous tourist spots in Biliran. The beautiful features of the island are its towering mountains clad with lush vegetation and surrounding white sand beaches with crystal clear waters. Among the famous beaches in the island is the Candol Beach. It has a recent boom in tourism recently which contributes to the income of the people. There are many things to do in the island: swimming, snorkeling, trekking, camping, fishing and more. Discover the natural beauty of the island and visit its nearby Sambawan Island.

 Maripipi Island is an island municipality in Biliran.

4. Dalutan Island

Dalutan Island Biliran

Dalutan Island by Pyatz Dacillo on Instagram

Dalutan Island is a very small island covered with coconut and palm trees which provides shade from the blazing sun. The white sand is not that fine but the main attraction of the island is its pristine beach, abundance in coral gardens, stunning view of the mountains and coastlines of Biliran Island and its proximity to Agta Beach in the mainland. The place is underdeveloped and a caretaker collects a small fee to every visitor. There are small cottages available for day visitors but you can also bring your own tent. Swimming, snorkeling and diving are the best things to do here.

 Dalutan Island is located in Almeria, Biliran.


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